I had a lovely time at your book launch. I read the book and am enjoyed it a lot :) Keep writing and keep reading! Love

Ms. Devapriya Roy

Very fresh novel !! Once you start reading, you can't put it down. God Bless You :)

Mr. Harpreet Singh Malhotra

I have read "There is a Tide" yesterday. My congratulations for your success in writing such a gripping piece of work. It is unimaginable that a teenage girl could capture depths of human character and emotions in the way you have. The first chapter reminded me of Munshi Prem Chand's writing and was quite interesting to read. Thereafter the tempo picked up at a steady pace and I could not put the book down, till it was finished.

Mr. Sunil Bhagat

Many - Many congratulations Simar! Superb book from a wonderful debutant like you. Feeling so much proud for you at the grand launch of “There Is A Tide”. Here's wishing you more power to your pen & ink in your veins! With Blessings

Mrs. Ratan Kaul

Indeed a beautiful story that describes the family emotions very well along with the reality we face each day. Cheers to the young author….

Mrs. Seema Nanda

The young author has a desire to see a perfect, transparent country. The emotions have beautifully expressed.

Ms. Soma Halder

Simar didi i study in grade 10. Your book is inspiring. I would also like to study abroad hearing and reading your experience.

Ms. Nishtha Nanda

Beta Simar, I was there for the launch and believe me I have not been able to keep away the book for a moment. You have great future. I loved the character of Abhimanyu..

Mrs. Deepa Sharma

An excellent Read. May the RHEA of today transform many... to the ABHIMANYU of Mahabharat. These epics should not be forgotten. There characters should be kept alive. My son has just begun to read it too.

Mr. Dhruv Sehgal

God give you the strength to ensure you to continue to write....even during your tough grade 12 year.. You touch hearts. you were correct....... I did shed a tear while reading.

Mrs. Sara Taneja

I just finished reading ur book and I really enjoyed reading it, I found it amazing. Frankly speaking I don't like to read a lot but I was able to finish ur book in two days. U inspire me a lot. I hope u keep writing. With lots of love n luck

Ms. Suhani Garg

Simar didi I myself study in the 8 grade and while reading your book, it was mind boggling, how you figured out to write like this at such a young age. Though I still couldn't figure out how the case got solved so suddenly. YOU ARE PERFECT AND YOUR BOOK IS TOO!! Keep writing!!!!!

Master Rehan Kapoor

Hey Simar hi! Hope all's well. Just finished reading your book yesterday and my god what an amazing debut! Really nice work Simar! I proudly show it off to all my friends too ! Great great great work, keep it up! Hoping there are many more to come. All the best.

Ms. Disha Bhuraria

Hello, I have read the book you authored. Very mature and lucid writing. I'm sure you'll go a long way.

Ms. Swarup Sinha

I just finished reading your novel, and wow! It was sensational, and I applaud your achievement. I first heard about your book a couple of months ago, when my mom made me watch the segment on NDTV about you and your debut novel. I was so impressed, and I could relate to you so much. I'm 14, I love reading, and animals and I in fact aspire to become a wildlife biologist and animal rights activist and an author myself.

Ms. Saamya