Tides seem no way on the ebb for Simar Malhotra, 17 year-old student of class twelve at Step by Step, Jaipur who has written “There is a Tide”, a book that speaks volumes. The read talks of the works of legendary playwright William Shakespeare and touches each of the play and drama the literary giant scripted. The launch came at The Ballroom of Oberoi, Delhi amidst the literati from across the country. Javed Akhtar, a renowned poet and lyricist inaugurated the event in the august presence of an elite gathering that filled the hall to its bursting capacity. 

The basic storyline is simple and well woven in plain English with subtleties the author has observed from some range. This novel attracts youngsters. 
Simar attended a course on Shakespeare and creative writing at Yale University, USA last year. After writing her Boards this year she will be studying at an Ivy League College in the States. Her passion in writing is real and unbridled. 
“Well, I would observe things and brood over them, the ideas I collected from having been to places and interactions with a myriad of people compelled me to assimilate and sum up those things into my writing. My parents, my teachers and my sister Swati have been quite supportive without whom this day would never have happened to me. Teachers at Step by Step and dons at Yale inspired and helped me grow with this talent” Simar gushed. 
The young bubbly author with innovative ideas runs an NGO Parvaah—it focuses on generating environmental and ecological awareness. She takes on a challenge posing a threat to societal progress. The story opens with a girl Rhea—young, carefree and happy girl, she is concerned with her family to a great extent. Her two elder brothers also nudge attention for their varied characters. He goes abroad for a small course and get floored by Abhimanyu, a boy with a charismatic aura; culture shock too caught her fancy. 
“The book is worth reading with a lot of interesting aspects of a life in the teens. Simar is a young author and she will go places. It`s a big achievement at such a small age”, Javed Akhtar spoke. Some eminent and distinguished guests on the occasion were Padma Shri Ashok Chakradhar, a well-known author and poet, Chairman of the CBSE Vineet Joshi, Director of the Step by Step Schools Jaipur Jayshree Periwal, Kapish Mehra, MD, Rupa Publications, Muktesh Chandra, special commissioner of police, (Traffic) Delhi and Taj Hasan, special commissioner of police, (Crime) Delhi. 
“Simar has done us proud. She is full of life with an outstanding calibre of writing. One can be a prolific writer only when one is a voracious reader and for that she reads voraciously. I`m sure that she will make yet another landmark soon”, spoke Director of the Step by Step Group of Schools, Jaipur Jayshree Periwal. 
The budding writer fielded all questions lobbed at her without parrying one and answered with elan.