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November 18, 2019

It is aimed at restoring the popularity of Indian literature at a time when Western authors are read more than their Indian counterparts in our own country. India has a rich cultural heritage and we have millions of stories to tell the world.


A relic of our colonial past, the existence of a western attraction in India cannot be denied and one of the many ways it is propagated and experienced is through literature. Indian readers don’t read Indian writers. At least not as much as they should or could. Growing up in English-speaking households, most of us were handed Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton to read, pushed to associate ourselves with Charlie and Willy Wonka, and The Famous Five. Of course, reading these books stimulates the brain in the same way reading R.K Narayan or Satyajit Ray does, however, a cultural clash occurs.


Characters we love become people we admire, those we aspire to be. And when all the characters we associate ourselves with have white skin, blonde hair and are named James and Nancy and Elizabeth, it isn’t surprising that western fixation becomes a thing. Fiction doesn’t just serve to entertain or enhance one’s language. It educates, reinforces our beliefs and provides solace that there are other like us in the world. Knowing this, it is imperative for young Indians to read Indian characters, to ensure that some of their role models are like them so that our stories are recorded, read and remembered. And this is what INKPOT LIT FEST hopes to achieve: to become the premier platform across India and the world to make our stories be known.


From self-publishing to blogging in India, there is a growing trend of creative writing. Instagram poets, slam poetry, spoken words are no more a thing of the West. And it is to celebrate this surge in creativity and expression that we invite you to the festival. By promoting art and culture, INKPOT LIT FEST hopes to ignite young India to engage in this creative wave and start reading Indian books more.


The focus will be to support and inspire young Indian authors to write and find an audience for their work. Indian authors now need to be read, recognized and acknowledged at a global platform. The voice of India is the loudest when penned and that needs to be on the world map. And for this initiative to become a national movement we want your support. 

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