Author Simar Malhotra gears up to smell the success of her first book as she asks the youth to bring a change

New Delhi, Friday, September 19, 2014

Subuhi Parvez ;  Subuhi.parvez@hindustantimes.com

A debutant teen author from Delhi says she wants to “make a difference” through her writing. And although that may sound clichéd, she is sure and clear about how


17-year-old Simar Malhotra`s debut novel, There is A Tide (published by Rupa, Publications), revolves around a girl named Rhea and how she struggles after her brother gets embroiled in a murder conspiracy. All this happens when she is away, studying in the US.

“The idea is about how the youth of the country can change ways. I only used to talk about what India does not and can not do, but I thought I must write about what it can and does do”, she says. Malhotra has done a writing course from Yale University, US, which inspired her to write professionally. She followed the path impulsively. “I kind of went with the flow. I wasn`t thinking much about the plot. Since, I like reading happy stories, I added a bit of fun stuff in my book, apart from some serious element too.” There is no famous author who inspires the young blood but a close cousin of hers. Malhotra says nobody even had the foggiest idea about the brewing ideas but her. “She`s the one who asked me to keep the fire going and don`t let the streak break at any point. She asked me to finish the book in one go and forget about reactions.”  But would she want to become an established writer one day? “I would like to write on the side, yes. But establishing a career in writing is not on my list. It is not a dependable job, I believe. I would rather go into public policy for environment or something. I think I am too young to even make up my mind.”